The Commission for Presbytery Operations (or CPO) is the business oriented arm of the Presbytery. As such, we are responsible for the operation of the Presbytery offices and for the business affairs of the Presbytery. The Chair of CPO (Jim Hines) met with the Moderator of the Presbytery (Mark Gauen), the Stated Clerk (Jeff Schooley), the Treasurer (Jim Wagner) and with members of the Presbytery staff (Jeannie Harsh, Dagmar Romage and John Wycoff) to discuss how the Presbytery offices will function during this health emergency.

The Presbytery is following the lead of Overbrook Presbyterian Church (our host church) and have cancelled all face-to-face meetings and have moved (as much as possible) to a “work from home” strategy. Jeannie and the Presbytery staff will still be available to the churches of the Scioto Valley Presbytery. Please contact Jeannie direct (via her cell phone @ 614-562-1775) or via email. Jeannie, Dagmar, John Wycoff, Jim Wagner and Jeff Schooley are all committed to staying in touch via email and phone.

Jim Hines — jhines1116@gmail.com or 614-620-4975

We hope, the same as many of you, that we can soon put this emergency behind us and get back to normal operations. In the interim, however, let’s rely on e-mails and cell phones.

Summary Document for CARES Act: The link is from Batts, Morrison, Wales & Lee, CPAs that provides a good summary of the CARES Act and how it is useful for non-profits, including churches.

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