CCL as commission is primarily tasked with the care of congregations as a whole.  While we often focus on transitional ministry, in this time, we will provide as many resources as possible dedicated to helping you connect with each other.

Look on this page for items related to the ways you can connect to your congregation, you congregation can connect to you, and creative ways to keep being the church.

Virtual Communion Recommendations: The PCUSA has provided guidance regarding how to serve virtual communion. Please see the link to the document above.

Live-streaming your service: Here’s a video I did quickly to help you learn a little more about how to live-stream this Sunday. Right now, you literally have everything you need, but you can add more if you’d like:

Questions about COVID-19: There are of course all sorts of big questions about what’s going on with this virus. Below are some links that will give some good information that you could easily put in an email.

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