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As the programmatic arm of the Presbytery, we have assembled a rough and very early list of resources that may help with ideas of connecting to our congregations as we move through this time of social distancing. This post includes links to resources we are currently using for children/families, youth, adults, even suggestions of tutorials we have found helpful. Check back periodically as we will update as new resources are created! And feel free to send any you wish to suggest and we will add as soon as possible!

Online cites with resources we are using:


Traci Smith (author of Faithful Families) Traci sends out a Tuesday newsletter with lots of links to great ideas not only for children/families but many apply to the larger church, as well. Several of her suggestions are listed in the links below.

Illustrated Ministry – free resources during homebound time Illustrated Ministry is currently offering free weekly worship resources during the Covid epidemic.

Ministry to Children has several ideas to help keep children/youth/families connected

Children’s Ministry Network – some tech free options

Christine Hides – personal blog with many ideas for children/families/churches

Worshiping with Children’s Carolyn Brown is a great resource for connecting to children through worship, she has created these suggestions for worshiping at home:

Youth Ministry:

Fuller Youth Institute on how to do youth ministry online

Big Ideas in Youth Ministry – a Facebook group has several ideas on connecting with youth from “on the ground” youth leaders

Netflix Party: Netflix is advertising a service of linking up several people to watch at the same time while allowing for chat about the film/doc you are watching.

Adult Ministry:

Online Church from Practical Resources for Church – a facebook group with LOTS of resources from planning online worship to planned online giving, etc.  (Online Church PRC) 

Online/downloadable Devotionals: – an app you can download and literally have a devotion at your fingertips

Family devotions of Hope during Coronavirus

PCUSA Matthew 25 Lenten Devotional

PCUSA page with Covid19 resources from online worship resources including streaming guidelines, copyrights, etc  Also includes guidance for alternative forms of worship/meetings


Ideas from other churches:

  • Pen Pals – pair families with older adults who are in nursing facilities or live alone.  Encourage them to send letters/cards/pictures.  Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for the older adult to return!
  • MAIL SIMPLE one page newsletter to help those who are not tech savvy or do not have internet.  Items to consider including: a daily Bible passage with brief homily about verses; news of members/congregation; updates on Coronavirus; “Did you know” piece on member; place to call if you need to talk;   Also a suggestion for facilitator of this information to keep going.
  • Email letters, photos, videos to each other. 
  • Use Instagram/Facebook to post online photos – you can offer a prompt each day (Send a picture of where you see God in the world today.  Send a photo of something you are grateful for today.  Send a photo of yourself making a silly face. ..
  • Use Zoom/Google hangouts to connect people – parents who are now homeschooling; youth; children’s ss classes (check with parents); prayer groups, etc.
  • Use Facebook live to record a prayer/devotional and encourage people to respond in the comments with prayer requests (remember it is a public page!)
  • Create a pray today for…and earmark a group: children; youth; college students; adults; those who live alone; etc…
  • Weekly email with 3 suggestions on what to do today.
  • Zoom for confirmation class meetings (see above for setting it up)
  • Wednesday evening prayer on FB live
  • Netflix party! Youth watching a movie together
  • Use Facebook live to record a Bible story of the day…or a story of the day….or a message of the day!


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