Presbytery of the Scioto Valley Resources Page Resources for the COVID-19 Outbreak and Beyond

This website is a simple, straightforward website that will contain links and files from all over the Presbytery – gifts from all of our churches – to help each of you think through and develop valuable ways to serve your congregations well as we navigate the COVID-19 outbreak and our churches needing to come up with creative ways to provide worship as well as do ministry.

Check back often through the menu above based on each Commission and their primary task. The chair’s email address is also below:

CPO – Business Needs [jhines1116 (at)]
CCP – Pastoral Needs [annie (at)]
CCL – Congregational Needs [pastor (at)]
CNO – Resources to assist in the nurture of all. [mgause (at)]

Along with this page, consider looking at the resources at the PCUSA’s denominational resources as well by clicking here.

We are a community, and we have a gift to remember why we are so deeply connected.